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This stuff kills! You may have read that many children's toys made in China have had to be recalled and destroyed because of high levels of lead in the paint finishes. What you may be less aware of are the levels of lead in paint in the home and in schools and other public buildings. How the paint is removed is critical not just for worker health but for those who use the building or clean up dust. Children are particulalry vulnerable and schools refurbishment work must take this into account. DO NOT SAND DOWN OR BURN OFF LEAD BASED PAINT.

LiPSA is a new Trade Body established to support those concerned with the health effects of lead in paint. Most building stock from pre 1970 is significantly contaminated with lead. Special legislation applies to lead in the same way that it does to asbestos so clients are gearing themselves up to deal with the duty to provide information on the lead content of paint and the need to remove it safely. Contact LiPSA for more information.


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